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King Safari Dahab

We have 2 different ways to have the dinner under the stars.

* Bedouin dinner in the Mountains

This dinner offering with an option for spending the night under the stars is one of our most popular night time excursions for couples and families. Whether you'd like to experience the warm hospitality of the Bedouins as a family or have a romantic serene evening under the stars with your loved ones, this is a great alternative to the typical night life outings.

We leave Dahab by jeep between 4 and 8 (or by camel between 2 and 5) in the evening (depending upon sunset time) and head to the mountains to make a Bedouin style BBQ. We light candles and spend a tranquil evening under the stars. Then we drive back to Dahab and we will be back in the hotel between 8pm or 1am (or we can stay the night and return to Dahab in the morning).

This trip can be organised any day for a minimum of 2 people. Please book at least one day in advance.

Including: experienced guide, dinner and transportation in a jeep

Costs: 45 euro per person by camel

Costs: 30 euro per person by jeep

Costs: 40 euro per person by camel & jeep

Costs: option to spend the night 25 euro per person in addition to above costs

* Stargazing

For the astronomy enthusiasts in the group or family this is a perfect choice to combine Bedouin hospitality under the stars for an educational and cultural evening out.

We start between 3pm and 7pm (depending upon sunset time) travelling in a comfortable minibus, for approximately one hour on the road and a further 15 minutes off-road to a place where we will have an open buffet with drinks (non-alcoholic) and spend time around the fire. There will then be an explanation about the stars before we take a look to the planets and stars througha telescope. Before heading back to Dahab there will be time to eat fresh Bedouin bread and drink some tea.

Costs: 40 euro per person


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