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Camel (or Hiking) Safari

2 Hour Camel Safaris

For the first time camel rider, the short two hour camel safari is a great choice as it combines just enough time to be aquainted with your new furry friend and also experience a taste of local Bedouin hospitality. Perfect for those on both a time and budget crunch.

*Wadi el El Toalat

This valley is located in the desert about 7 km from Dahab. It boasts one of the best panoramic views of the region.

The program:

You can specify any daylight time to embark upon and return from this tour. You will be driven to the site for about 10 minutes and once there you will ride the camel for 40 minutes. During your excursion, you'll stop and admire the Bedouin hospitality over some tea and then ride the camel again for 40 minutes to meet the driver for a return drive to Dahab.

Costs: 30 euro per person

* Wadi el Beyda

This area is just outside Dahab, it has one of best elevated views of both the town and the sea.

The program:

You may choose to embark and return at any daylight time for this excursion. The site is about a 40 minute camel ride from the the King Safari Dahab office in Masbat. Once you reach the top of the Wadi, you'll enjoy some Bedouin tea and take in the fantastic view of the town below. You will then head back to the King Safari Dahab office a top your camel for a 40 minute return ride.

Costs: 25 euro per person

* Lagoona Beach

What a better way to enjoy the sunset than with a camel ride to the beach!

The program:

This excursion begins anytime between 15:00 and 18:00 (depending upon the sunset). You will ride the camel for 40 minutes to the beach site and have a soothing Bedouin tea and take in the waves of the sea before heading back to the starting point for a 40 minute return ride.

Costs: 20 euro per person

* Bedouin House

Authentic Bedouin hospitality begins with a cup of tea. With this excursion you will be given the chance of a lifetime to experience both the thrill of riding a camel and the humbling and sincere look into the life of a local Dahab Bedouin family at their home.

The program:

You will ride the camel 30 minutes from the King Safari Dahab office and reach your host's home where you'll be able to relax and observe a an hour into the everyday life of a Bedouin family. You will then ride the camel 30 minutes back to the starting point.

Costs: 20 euro per person

We can organise this trip any day for any number of people. Please book at least one day in advance.


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