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Camel (or Hiking) Safari

One day Camel Safaris

* White Canyon and Ain Khudra Oasis

White Canyon

This site is located 700 m above sea level along the way to St. Catherine, known for it's white soft sandstone terrain. When you descend, you will find Ain Khudra Oasis where you'll observe Bedouin families living in traditional tents, following the natural water sources for their livestock.

Ain Khundra

A palm tree and desert vegetation paradise located 53 km North of Dahab. At this site you will observe the desert at it's most natural state when Mother Nature has been so kind as to bring some rain. There is natural spring which irrigates the landscape.

Rock of Inscriptions 

Rocks of Inscriptions can be found all over Sinai depicting scenes of early life, when Sinai was still Savanna with lions and ostriches to hunt - the only relics of these times is the Acacia tree. Nabateans, Romans and Byzanthines left messages on the rocks along the Pilgrim's Road (Darb el Hajj) for other pilgrims to read. One of the most amazing places where inscriptions can be found is this rock here between St. Catherine and Dahab/Nweba rod.

The programs

We start at 08:00, driving for 1 hour. Then we ride the camel for half an hour to the beginning of the White Canyon. We leave the camel and walk through the canyon with a guide to end up at the Ain Khudra Oasis, where you will have your Bedouin lunch. Then we meet our camels again for a ride for 45 minutes to see the Rock of Inscriptions. Then we ride the camels back to the car, which will bring us back to Dahab.

Including: return transport, camels, guide and Bedouin lunch

Costs: 50 euro per person by camel

Costs: 40 euro per person hiking

We can organise this tour any day for a minimum of 2 persons. Please book this trip at least one day in advance.



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