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Two days Jeep Safaris

* Canyons and Sand Dune tour

Salama Canyon

This canyon is known as the small coloured canyon. The canyon is close to the St Catherine road. It is made of soft sandstone and has naturally coloured rocks. The walk through the canyon takes half an hour and is easier than the real Coloured Canyon, with less climbing and wider passageways

Melehez Oasis

The search for water occupies the traditional nomadic Bedouin family. At this site, your guide will show you the cracks in the rock formations where either sweet or salty water flow naturally. Take your camera as the rocks have a very colorful. pinkish hue to them.

Closed Canyon tour

This excursion is best for the limber rock climbing enthusiast. (Larger folks or claustophobics would definitely be uncomfortable due to the tight spaces one must climb through). If you are up for a bit of climbing in addition to the camel ride, this is an optimal choice.

Ain Khundra

A palm tree and desert vegetation paradise located 53 km North of Dahab. At this site you will observe the desert at it's most natural state when Mother Nature has been so kind as to bring some rain. There is natural spring which irrigates the landscape.

White Canyon

This site is located 700 m above sea level along the way to St. Catherine, known for it's white soft sandstone terrain. When you descend, you will find Ain Khudra Oasis where you'll observe Bedouin families living in traditional tents, following the natural water sources for their livestock.

Dragon Head Mountain

The mountain derives its name from its shape, as it looks like the head of a dragon. If you look closely you can even see the teeth of the dragon. This mountain is also known as ‘ the mountain with the hole’. The hole in the mountain is considered to be the eye of the dragon.

El Hedoda

El Hedoda is Sinai's highest (800 m above sea level) and most expansive areas of sand dune terrain. The name itself comes from the Bedouin word meaning "to tear down". As it is one of the naturally highly windy locations in Sinai, once there you will see for yourselves how the sand comes rolling down when the wind hits.

The programs


We start at 08:00 and visit the Salama Canyon, Melehez Oasis, the Closed Canyon and Ain Khudra Oasis, where we will spend the night under the stars. The next day we will see the White Canyon and drive to Safra Sand Dune, Hedoda Sand Dune and Gebel Makhroum (Mountain with a Hole) before returning to Dahab around 5 in the afternoon.

Including: experienced guide, food, Bedouin accommodation and transportation

Costs: 140 euro per person

This trip can be organised any day for a minimum of 4 people. Please book at least one day in advance. Please check with us to see if we have any other people booking.

Please contact us for details of longer safari trips.



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