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Snorkeling in the National Parks

* Ras Mohamed National Park

Considered to be one of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving sites in the world, with more than a 1000 species of fish, sea stars and sea urchins.

By Car

We start at 8 in the morning for a 90 minutes drive to the most beautiful snorkeling and diving area in the world. We start by the main beach where we can enjoy snorkeling for about 1,5 hours. Then we drive to the magnificent mangroves area. After leaving the mangroves we will walk over to an area that was formed by an earthquake and look at the magic lake. After lunch, we will spend about a half hourto snorkel before being taken to a telescope to view the whole park and see the two gulfs of the Red Sea (Suez and Aqaba). We return to Dahab around 5 in the afternoon.

by Boat

Starting at 7 am, we will drive by car to Sharm then spend the day in the boat snorkleling in 2 areas, one reached by boat, and the 2nd, spot is near to Sharm. We will snorkel for about one hour in each place, then we will drive back to Dahab.

Includes: snorkeling equipment, lunch, entrance fee and transportation

Price: 55 euro per person by car

Price: 80 euro per person by boat

* Nabq Protected Area

A protected nature area, well-known for its mangrove forest, unique plant species and bird population.

We leave Dahab at 8 in the morning and drive for 1.5 hours to the beautiful Nabq area. We will take a walk around the park, through the magnificent mangroves and surrouding area. There we will have plenty of opportunities to snorkel around Nabq's pristine coral reefs. Lunch will be in the afternoon. We return to Dahab around 5 in the afternoon.

Includes: snorkel equipment, lunch, guide, entrance fee and transportation

Costs: 50 euro per person

* Ras Abu Galum (Camel or Hiking)

A Bedouin village north of Dahab, where you can see the real Bedouin life, with Bedouin huts where you can spend a relaxing day snorkeling or stay overnight.

We start from Dahab at 8 in the morning and head for the famous Blue Hole. We snorkel for one hour, before we take the camels (or hike) to Ras Abu Galum to discover even more. On arrival we will be greeted by a welcome drink of Bedouin tea in one of the Bedouin houses before snorkeling. In the afternoon we will have a Bedouin lunch. Then we take the camels back to the Blue Hole and we ride a jeep from Blue Hole back to Dahab, where we arrive around 5 in the afternoon.

As an extra you can stay overnight under the stars and watch the bioluminescence and the phospherian fish in the sea.

Includes: snorkeling equipment, lunch, guide and transportation

Costs: 38 euro per person by camel

Costs: 29 euro per person hiking

Costs: 65 euro per person overnight

All of these trips can be booked any day for a minimum of two people. Please check to see if we have any other people booking for these trips.


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